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Here's a preview of our latest video teaching you how to do the high toss serve. The high toss serve looks spectacular and it gets results. It is particularly suited to the pendulum serve but we encourage you to try it out with all types of serves including the backhand, punch, and tomahawk serves.

To watch the full video sign up as a premium member. Remember that serving is a crucial part of table tennis and something that you can keep working on even when you don't have a training partner.

Posted 8 years ago

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Nick Trusiewicz

Nick Trusiewicz Posted 8 years ago

I have tried the high toss with a backspin serve, and I don't seem to generate any extra spin. What might I be doing wrong?

kathy mckelvey

kathy mckelvey Posted 8 years ago

Thank you,  I like the high toss a lot! I have tried it and did notice confusion with some of the opponents. Still working on feeling comfortable with different serves! 

Sabah Waris

Sabah Waris Posted 7 years ago

Thanks. I have been doing this service since long. I think you made good analysis for this service.


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