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Table Tennis Questions

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Question Title Category Last Updated
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15 yo changing to short pips on Backhand Equipment 2 days ago
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Moving in Seniors doubles Match Strategy 1 week ago
J-pen limitations Discussion 1 week ago
Counter hit Strokes and Technique 1 week ago
Playing table tennis after a long break Training and Drills 1 week ago
Pingskills Scoring app doubles Website 1 week ago
Slower blocking blade Equipment 1 week ago
Pongfinity level 100 Trickshot Discussion 1 week ago
Ask the coach swapping roles Website 1 week ago
Table Tennis 7 sets championships Discussion 1 week ago
WTTC next non-Chinese winner Discussion 1 week ago
Hurricane 3 as BH rubber Equipment 1 week ago
Colored rubbers Equipment 2 weeks ago
How to return the Windshield wiper serve Service Return 2 weeks ago
Andro in Philippines Equipment 2 weeks ago
Fast and varied placements serves and returns Match Strategy 2 weeks ago
Bicycle Puncture Glue Equipment 2 weeks ago
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