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Table Tennis Questions

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Question Title Category Last Updated
Improving serves Serving 10 hours ago
Hitting the ball with Racket not held Rules 11 hours ago
Can ball hit net twice Rules 11 hours ago
Rubber effects your performance Equipment 18 hours ago
About defensive mode Match Strategy 19 hours ago
Problems playing topspin against backspin Strokes and Technique 1 day ago
Dignics 09C vs Hurricane 3 Equipment 3 days ago
Shoulder pain Strokes and Technique 3 days ago
How to prevent chipping on bat while playing Equipment 4 days ago
Next Blog Website 4 days ago
Hitting a loop back Strokes and Technique 4 days ago
Service Rule Rules 5 days ago
Can you stand on the table ? Rules 5 days ago
Playing table tennis after a long break Training and Drills 6 days ago
Encouraging people to join table tennis Discussion 1 week ago
How to receive short low spinny topspin serve Service Return 1 week ago
BH topspin base Strokes and Technique 1 week ago
Stained Rubber Equipment 1 week ago
Defending the middle Training and Drills 2 weeks ago
Choice of backhand or forehand on short game Discussion 2 weeks ago
Smooth players Discussion 2 weeks ago
Attacking chopper Discussion 2 weeks ago
What racket Should I get? Equipment 2 weeks ago
Correct footwork Footwork 2 weeks ago
Most important skill Strokes and Technique 2 weeks ago
Player playing early Match Strategy 2 weeks ago
Balls Equipment 2 weeks ago
Topspin vs smash Strokes and Technique 3 weeks ago
How to play against blockers Match Strategy 3 weeks ago
Spin during topspin Strokes and Technique 3 weeks ago
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