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Table Tennis Questions

Here are our most recently updated table tennis questions. If you can't find what you're looking for then you can ask your own question.

Question Title Category Last Updated
Keeping your composure Mental Preparation 2 days ago
Backhand chop grip Strokes and Technique 2 days ago
Defender vs pen-hold grip players Strokes and Technique 4 days ago
Backhand to forehand transitions grip problem Strokes and Technique 5 days ago
Backhand chop and forehand chop practice Training and Drills 5 days ago
Low Balls Strokes and Technique 6 days ago
Attacker or Defender Discussion 1 week ago
Doubles serving position Rules 1 week ago
Scoreboard crisis Discussion 1 week ago
Backhand chop or forehand chop as a defender Match Strategy 1 week ago
Changing backhand rubber to short pimples Equipment 1 week ago
Expedite System Rules 1 week ago
Short and spinny serves Serving 1 week ago
Outdoor table Equipment 1 week ago
Defending heavy topspin Strokes and Technique 1 week ago
Cleaning Table Tennis Table Equipment 2 weeks ago
How to avoid the backhand corner mistakes Training and Drills 2 weeks ago
Professional Players Serving position Serving 2 weeks ago
A machine with stationary ball Training and Drills 2 weeks ago
What's wrong with FZD in the final of the Olympics Discussion 3 weeks ago
Why is China dominating in TT Discussion 3 weeks ago
No touch serving rules Rules 3 weeks ago
Training and matches Training and Drills 3 weeks ago
Short pimple eligible Equipment 3 weeks ago
Build Your Own Table Tennis Table Equipment 3 weeks ago
Sponge Tickness Transition Equipment 3 weeks ago
Butterfly Dignics 09C, Yasaka Rakza Z and Nittaku Sieger PK50 modern hybrid rubbers compared Equipment 3 weeks ago
Difference between training and competition with hard rubber Equipment 4 weeks ago
Which table Equipment 1 month ago
Having table tennis after school Discussion 1 month ago
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