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Table Tennis Questions

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Question Title Category Last Updated
Problems playing topspin against backspin Strokes and Technique 9 hours ago
How to hit the ball with power Strokes and Technique 1 day ago
Doubt on which racquet to get Equipment 1 day ago
Attacking a low Backspin Serve Service Return 1 day ago
Winning the toss Discussion 1 day ago
Hurricane 3 as BH rubber Equipment 5 days ago
Backhand smash Discussion 6 days ago
Playing Leftie's Pendulum sidespin Service Return 6 days ago
Backhand attacking racquet Equipment 6 days ago
Robot training Training and Drills 6 days ago
Playing table tennis after a long break Training and Drills 1 week ago
My most recent 10 - 10 experience Mental Preparation 1 week ago
Analysis of movements on return of serve Service Return 1 week ago
Dimitrij ovtcharov backhand serve Serving 1 week ago
Clipping net Rules 1 week ago
Contact problems Strokes and Technique 1 week ago
Making a heavy Backspin Serve Serving 1 week ago
Pimple Rubber Equipment 1 week ago
Build Your Own Table Tennis Table Equipment 2 weeks ago
Push with less backspin Strokes and Technique 2 weeks ago
Quality of bat from a french company Equipment 2 weeks ago
Keep same rubber or not Equipment 2 weeks ago
Lobbing playing style Discussion 2 weeks ago
Thick or thin Equipment 2 weeks ago
Color choices for ping pong room Discussion 3 weeks ago
Liu Shiwen Discussion 3 weeks ago
Ants on my racket Equipment 3 weeks ago
Forehand Counterhit Training and Drills 1 month ago
Steps to strokes Training and Drills 1 month ago
Attack with antispin rubber Strokes and Technique 1 month ago
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