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Photo was taken in the hall of Emil's table tennis club, Taverzo.

One of our subscribers, Emil Lut from The Netherlands, has shared his nifty device that he made to help him to learn how to spin the ball.  He made as an in-between step after seeing our Learning To Spin video with the CD.

Here is his advice on how to make it. Let us know if you can replicate it and how useful it is for learning to spin the ball. Thanks Emil!

How did I make it

1.  Make a table In Word  with 4 rows of 2 cm and 4 columns of 2 cm

Picture 5

2. Add a circle with a radius of 2 cm in the middle.

 Picture 6

3.  On a new page (still in Word) copy 6 times the square with circle

Picture 4

4. Print this on thicker paper. A little less thicker than photo paper. Now you can cut out 4 centre squares and/or the circle. The circle is a little bit more precisely.

Picture 1

5. Take a tabeltennisball, look for the line in the ball.  

6. Mark that line with some small lines on North,  East, West and South. (If you dont see the line, hold the tennisball towards a lamp or sun.)

7.  Put the tennisball in the square or circle and let the paper be in line with the lines of the ball.

8. Put a mark on the ball in line with the middle lines of the ball. 

Picture 2

9. Now you have North, East, South and West marks on the ball.

Picture 3

10. Now heat a nail/or a small drill and make two holes. ( North and South or East and West.)

11. Take the sate skewer and push it through the holes. Maybe the holes must be made a little bit wider. But not too wide.

12. Finally put some tape round the skewer, so the ball cannot go down or fly off the skewer.


Posted 4 years ago

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david palethorpe

david palethorpe Posted 4 years ago

Seems a long procceedure to do something relatively easy and quick to do

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario from PingSkills Posted 4 years ago

But I feel it can help if you are looking for help on this area of your game.

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