Little Bat vs Big Bat Part 2

4 years ago

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Alois now takes his turn with the little bat whilst Jeff struggles to tame the big bat. Who will win in this classic rematch?

Please leave a comment to let us know what you think about the scoring controversy that threatens to invalidate the result!

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Petr Marhold

Petr Marhold Posted 4 years ago

Hi guys, you are so funny! :) I can not imagine to hit the ball with the small bat…, good job guys!

I am looking forward to new rematch! :)

Thx, Petr.

Rohan Keogh

Rohan Keogh Posted 4 years ago

Definitely need a rematch - Jeff could have won that one .... :)


Marek F

Marek F Posted 4 years ago

Things I liked:

  • Fun idea
  • Well made video.

Things I did not like:

  • What happened to the serve rule talking about ball, palm and 16cm?
  • Jeff not even tried to win. It was one way train. No single attack from Jeff. C'mon!


D K Posted 4 years ago

Alois,what rubber is actually on the big bat?
I would like to try my fullarm chop with thaat :D but you are too far :D


Nan Tepper

Nan Tepper Posted 4 years ago

Rematch! Mostly because it's so much fun to watch you two clowning around!

John Croes

John Croes Posted 4 years ago

I second Nan's thought. 

knarf ... from France

knarf ... from France Posted 4 years ago

Yes, of course, the match should be replayed. In any case, another funny moment.

@Marek F, what the hell are you criticizing?  It's only a joke, therefore, no rules to follow...

Eric Greenwell

Eric Greenwell Posted 4 years ago

Two more matches: two big bats, then two little bats! Level playing field...or at least tilted in favor of each player.

Roberto Suave

Roberto Suave Posted 4 years ago

I had bet on Jeff , so we need a revenche the score is too tight +the sound of the big paddle is suspicious ...

could Aloi sabotage it ? We need an impartial investigation.

Paul Griz

Paul Griz Posted 4 years ago

TOO FUNNY!  I had to watch it twice because I was laughing too hard the first time. It was even more hilarious the second time! It was my laugh of the week!  Absolutely YES on the rematch!  Would love to see one every day.  Alois, did you sabotage Jeff’s bat handle?  Glad to learn I am not the only player with sweaty hands!  Thanks guys! You are the best! Awaiting rematch.

Kirsten Shea

Kirsten Shea Posted 4 years ago

Always enjoy watching you, and have learned a lot from your tuition.  Your fun sessions are great as well, and I would very much like to see a re-match. Your love and enthusiasm for the game shines through, tabletennis has always played a big part in my life, and I woul hate to be without it. Thanks again for everything you are doing for promoting and teaching the game in such a posetive and very easily understandable way.

Chris Roe

Chris Roe Posted 4 years ago

Any one else having a problem with viewing part 2?  The message says "Video unavailable.  This video is restricted.  Try signing in with a G Suite account."

Chris Roe

Chris Roe Posted 4 years ago

Watched the video on another computer.  Yes I agree there should be another match due to the scoring error.  But, in any case watching is such a lot of fun, so why not go straight to the best of five, or seven games with a change of bats with the change of ends during the deciding game?

Jason  Bui

Jason Bui Posted 4 years ago

Blocking must be easier with the giant bat. It’s like using a calculator for 4+3.

Eshaan Inguva

Eshaan Inguva Posted 3 years ago

They need another rematch because Alois took away one point from Jeff and it was 10 to 10, but the fake score was 10 to 9. So Alois didn’t win yet

Eshaan Inguva

Eshaan Inguva Posted 3 years ago

It’s okay but I think Alois won the match with fake score but they did pretty well

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