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Congratulations to Filippo who last weekend came first in the consolation over 70 competition at the National VEETS Tournament of England. Here's an email he sent us.

Hi Alois and Jeff,

I played at the weekend in the National VEETS Tournament of England and came first in the consolation over 70 competition. In doing so I beat players that I had never beaten before and in the final a player ranked in the top thirty (over 70).

It was all due to you and your teaching. Many thanks once again for all your hard work in propagating in the World this wonderful sport.

I was amazed by the various combination bats used by the various players. One that baffled me the most was a player using short pimples on the backhand and anti on the forehand. When I looked at his bat before the match I saw the pimples and the reversed rubbers and assumed that he was the typical player with reversed on the forehand and long pimples on the backhand. However when I served to his backhand a short no-spin ball he produced a fast return deep on my backhand. How can he do that with long pimples I thought? Until he used his forehand and I realised that he had anti.

A big, big thank you once again.

Kind regards,


P.S. Don't I look old! Over 70 really

Well done Filippo on your improvement and we don't think you look old at all!

Posted 8 years ago

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Shaun Synot

Shaun Synot Posted 8 years ago

Congratulations Filippo, what a fantastic result. 

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