The Backhand Cartwheel Chop

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In this lesson we teach you the important backhand cartwheel chop. Our friends at Pongfinity are also quite good at this shot :)


Hi, I'm Alois Rosario. Today we're going to talk about the backhand cartwheel chop.

Like with all our strokes at PingSkills we like to focus on the start position and the finish position. So the start position is here ready for your cartwheel, do your cartwheel and then your finish position. So here we have Panda. He's now getting into the ready position so remembering feet nice and wide apart because you want to be able to launch off from there. OK. Now let’s have a look at Panda. Ready position. Good. Start position and now lets do the flippity bit. Excellent and up you get. Well done Panda. Great job with the fantastic cartwheel backhand chop.

OK. Here we go. Now we’ll give Panda a bit of multiball. Yeah almost Panda, almost. Ready position. Start position and you forgot the flippy bit. Flippy bit yep that's it. OK. Ready. Start position and ….

Ready. 1, 2, 3. Yeah that’s good Panda. Go Panda. Wooo hooo. Look at Panda go. Yeah! Yeah! Like it!

OK Alois. Now Panda seemed to be having trouble with that shot, should beginners be focusing on this?

Yeah he really did have trouble but have a look how quickly our friends at Editing Sports picked it up.

To learn the game go to PingSkills, for great trick shots go to Editing Sports.

Posted 9 years ago

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