Ask The Coach Show #101 - Pendulum Serve Grip

9 years ago

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Previous #PQOTD - 0:45

What segments should we include on the ask the coach show?

ITTF Tournament Wrap Up - 1:10

We talk about some interesting results from the German Open

#PQOTD - 7:02

Is the rest of the World catching up to China?

PingSkills Premium Membership - 7:48

Viktor: Hahahaha I couldn't stop laugh when Alois couldn't say Omonoiadam. Do you guys get paid by money when you learn and coach people on YouTube?

Sweet Spot - 8:58

Preston: I have noticed that when i hit the ball around the outside of my racket it has a slightly fainter sound then on the inside. Is this normal?

Impact Point - 10:05

Ali: When I want to play BH counter hit or topspins I contact the ball so early that it doesn't have any accuracy and most of the balls go into the net or out of the table.

Pendulum Serve Grip - 12:46

Yunge: I want to find out how to do a pendulum and a reverse pendulum serve in pengrip. I tried searching on YouTube but it is always in shake hand.

Generating Spin - 14:15

Viktor: Where is the contact point to generate the most spin?

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