Ask The Coach Show #105 - Player of the Week

9 years ago

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Player of the Week - 1:55

We discuss the recent German Open winner Mima Ito

Yesterday’s  #PQOTD - 11:36

What other sports do you enjoy playing?

#PQOTD - 13:45

Do you like playing in cold or hot weather better?

Swedish Training - 14:04

Dieter: We discuss what Dieter calls "Swedish Training"

Physical Exercise to Improve Footwork - 15:35

Daniel: What are some physical exercises that could improve one's footwork? Are jump ropes any good?

Strokes That Improve Your Level - 17:04

Dakota: When does a strong pushing ability stop being enough? I've reached the point where a weak looping ability off backspin is by far the largest factor separating myself and the best guys at my club. What point is the flick the 'next' jump up in skill?

Ball Hits Handle - 20:39

Bogdan: What happens if the ball hits your bat handle?

Playing With An Injury - 21:45

Matthias: I have some back pain so I was not sure whether I can play at all. I started slow and tried to avoid any abrupt motions and had no pain while playing. I noticed that my counterhits and topspins were very consistent and as fast. Any comments?

They Know My Weakness - 26:41

Viktor: I have a problem ! ! ! My weak shot is my backhand and the problem is that they know my weak shot so they hit on my backhand side so I miss often the table or the net. Please Help Me

Adapting to a New Bat - 28:29

David: Getting a new bat: very powerful and a lot of spin. Any ways to get used to it. Any specific drills?

Rivals - 30:14

Viktor: Have you ever have a rival that you found hard to beat?

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