Ask the Coach Show #209 - Longer Breaks Between Points

8 years ago

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PingSkills is on Snapchat - 1:30

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Last #PQOTD - 3:01

What is your first memory of playing Table Tennis?

#PQOTD - 6:01

How did you bring in the New Year? What was your first Table Tennis session for 2016?

Monday Tournament Wrap - 6:26

World Teams Championships Draw

High Backspin Ball - 14:54

Ilia: Suppose that I want to topspin a high backspin ball with my forehand. How should I adjust my finish position? Should I finish lower because the ball is quite high?

Fast Backspin Sidespin Serves into the Body - 17:39

Mike: Hi guys! My return game is getting better thanks to your tips and premium area. Lately, I have getting fast serves that have a little under spin, and a lot of side spin which goes into my body. What are some of the ways I can return these type of serves?

Longer Breaks Between Points - 20:33

Marcin: Are longer breaks between points better for the game?

Forehand Fixing Machine - 24:27

Ilia: Did you see the "Top Spin" film? There is an interesting moment, when Ariel Hsing uses a belt that attaches her elbow close to her body, called "The forehand fixing machine". You can see this in the trailer at 02:49. What is this "fixing machine" for?

Links in this Episode

2016 World Team Championships

High Backspin Close to the Net - for premium members

Forehand Fixing Machine - at 2:49