Ask The Coach Show #27 - Flicking and Flipping

8 years ago

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PingSkillers Question of the Day

Do you play in a club? - 0:29

Question 1 - 1:49

I play in a club and I am used to playing on the club table. When I go for a match it is tough to get used to that table and none of my topspins or blocks are landing. But in the club I am able to land most of my balls. How do I overcome this. Rohan

Question 2 - 5:00

How to do Seo Hyowon serve with a great spin and curve on the ball? Napnap Salcedo

Question 3 - 6:29

Is it advisable to flick a short spiny sidespin serve; with the right height? Abdiel Maldonado

Question 4 - 8:18

Hi, I was just wondering what the flip shot is. I've been looking at articles and interviews with players and the've all been saying the flip is really hard to execute. Kevin

Links in this Episode

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Forehand Flick

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