Ask The Coach Show #38 - Strategy Against a Strong Forehand

8 years ago

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Response to  #QOTD  - 0:56

Can your club survive without volunteers?

PingSkillers  #QOTD  - 2:15

Should edge balls be ruled as out?

Question 1 - 2:48

I have a question about short pushing? Is there a different technique for this compared to long pushing? If so, how does it differ? Dima

Question 2 - 5:13

I hold the bat like it is in the pendulum serve. When i do that i can't hit the ball backhand and if i hold the bat like normal i can't play so good at my forehand how can i change this? Oğuz Aydemir

Question 3 - 7:28

Hey, I'm just wondering, how does a penholder play a role as a defender? Because I don't see much defending from a penholder. Thanks. Antonius Willson

Question 4 - 9:08

I have a game coming up where my opponent has a very strong forehand loop and he even tries to pivot. His weakness is his backhand. Any tips or advise which I should I stick to while I am playing against him? Salman Razi

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