Ask The Coach Show #46 - Ovtcharov's Backhand Serve

9 years ago

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Discussion - 0:45

There was talk on a local radio station about Table Tennis as an Olympic sport. Should it stay?

Response to Yesterday's  #PQOTD   - 3:22 

Why are left handers over represented on the World Rankings list? Xu Xin and Ding Ning are both number 1.

#PQOTD   - 5:19

Do you remember your first tournament?

Question 1 - 5:41

This one's for both of you. Do you have any signature serves? Brony

Question 2 - 7:55

Do the balls lose any quality of spin, speed or bounce after a certain amount of usage? Thanks guys. George Byron

Question 3 - 9:19

What happens if you make the ball touch the net twice or more during a serve? Lance Ramos Yeo

Question 4 - 10:47

When my opponent lobs the ball I can't hit the ball consistently and it just annoys me when my opponent takes the point. I mostly lose the point when the lobbed ball hits the table on the third line and I'm forced a bit away from the table. Utkarsh

Question 5 - 12:36

I noticed that Ovtcharov's backhand service are sometimes effective, sometimes not. Once when he executes this service, Ma Long easily returned the ball around the net and won the point. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of this serve? Viet

Question 6 - 15:24

I have a lot of problems when receiving heavy sidespin short serves. Since theres is almost no backspin nor topspin, what is the most effective way to receive? Michel

Question 7 - 18:04

ma long serve plz - Jerome

Question 8 - 19:47

I have been having trouble against the Ma Lin serve recently and was wondering if there's a good way to counter it - Tyler.

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