Ask The Coach Show #50 - What's Your Favourite Part of PingSkills?

9 years ago

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Discussion - 0:45

PingPod #42 - Changing the service rule

Yesterday's  #PQOTD  - 3:31 

Is Tenergy worth the cost?

 #PQOTD  - 5:24

What is your favourite part of PingSkills? Is it the Ask the Coach Show, the Lessons, the Blogs, the Vault or something else?

Question 1 - 5:50

Which is the deadlier long pips with no sponge(ox) or with sponge and which has more control?? thank you. Jared

Question 2 - 7:22

When you start your attack, should you be looking to hit at your opponent's elbow or a wide angle? I've found that the wide angles aren't always available to me, especially early in a rally when we're both in good position to play from FH and BH. Gary

Question 3 - 10:38

How do i do the backhand tomahawk serve but having my feet in the normal tomahawk serve position so it creates a off putting effect? Rowan

Question 4 - 12:16

I'm at a crossroad of how to improve seeing as I don't have people better than me to play against. Can I trying to attain better form in the middle of games is worth the effort, or if I should stick with drills that I can do alone. Dakota

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PingPod #42 - Change the Service Rule

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