Ask The Coach Show #52 - Marcos Freitas Talks to the ITTF

9 years ago

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Discussion - 1:23

ITTF Off the Table Interviews

Yesterday's #PQOTD - 3:10

What did you think of the presentation of the ITTF World Tour Finals?

#PQOTD - 4:20

Will you play Table Tennis on Christmas Day?

Question 1 - 4:35

I understand why people go to long pimples or antispin, they want to play defensive but why do someone migrate to short pimples on one side or even both? Why do people give up the opportunity to play with lots of spin from both wings? Ilia

Question 2 - 7:22

How exactly do you tell a good blade from a bad one? For example, if you’re just browsing online for a bat, what do you look for? Can you recommend a good blade or a premade bat suitable for custom made rubber, are there any that really stand out? Olly

Question 3 - 10:26

I can't recover for the next stroke when I play a stroke, especially flicks. I get paused at the end position. Please tell me how to recover for the next stroke. Do you have any drills to practice recovery? Kaustubh

Question 4 - 13:00

I'm kinda confused about doing a topspin/loop stroke. Should my elbow be fixed and do the stroke with my shoulder or should i do the stroke with my elbow? I'm a chinese penholder. Antonius

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