Ask The Coach Show #70 - Who is Second Best?

9 years ago

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Yesterday's  #PQOTD - 1:22

Who is the second best Table Tennis Nation in the World?

#PQOTD - 3:46

Peter Scudner returns to the position of Chairman of USA Table Tennis. How important is the role of the Chairman of a National Association? What qualities should a Chairman have?

Question 1 - 4:38

Is it late for me to start playing professionally (Im 19 years old) ? Will I have a chance against players who have been training for years or I should keep playing just for fun?

Question 2 - 7:48

Hi coaches, I've been training for a while now and i was wondering if i can turn over a new leaf and become a penholder.(btw im currently a shakehand player). A few months back I was actually a penholder but decided to become a shakehand player. Diego

Question 3 - 10:04

What if your palm holding the ball is sweaty and the ball gets stuck to your palm and it doesn't release from your palm like it usually does. Are you allowed to wipe your hand and start the serve again or is this just bad luck, point over? Beauford

Question 4 - 12:25

With the new poly ball I have some difficulty in adapting to it. On the serve as I feel I am not able to put much spin into it. In the rally I feel that the ball is not coming to me the way I like it, it feels a bit slower and lighter. Grenville

Question 5 - 15:58

Is flicking the ball is the only way to return heavy short sidespin serve? Are there another way to return that kind of serve? Ernest

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