Ask The Coach Show #77 - Overcoming Nerves

9 years ago

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Yesterdays #PQOTD - 1:01

In how many countries is Table Tennis played?

#PQOTD - 4:23

What are the critical factors that make the Chinese better?

Question 1 - 4:59

Matt:  I get nervous during matches. My arm feels very nervous , as if it's almost shaking. This doesn't help my shots as they start to miss. I am an attacker. But sometimes I am too sacred to attack. How can I stop these problems?

Question 2 - 9:39

Dieter: Last session our coach taught us the mental device of discharge-relax-recharge between every two points. I was focussing less on tactical plan. It was hard completing this routine against players who served immediately. Is it worth developing this?

Question 3 - 14:57

NickyT: I am a beginner and I am trying to learn how to return side spin serves. What tips can you give me?

Question 4 - 18:03

Christopher: I have recently started a small table tennis club (4 tables). What are some good ways to attract people to the club? Any other nuggets of wisdom to help with the initial phase?

Question 5 - 22:20

Dakota: Do you think there is a limit to how far reading and watching videos can take you? I have put in countless hours of reading up on the many aspects of the game and watching videos.

Question 6 - 23:53

Thomas: I am 52 years old and a beginner ((obviously a very rare  and unusual species :-)  ): According to your experience...what is the MINIMUM thickness of sponge of Mark V that you would recommend to learn with?

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