Ask The Coach Show #82 - Chinese born players representing other countries

9 years ago

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Yesterday’s #PQOTD - 0:54

Should the ITTF put in place stricter rules to stop ex Chinese players playing for different countries?

#PQOTD - 5:43

When your opponent makes a service error, do you say "Thank you”?

Playing Against Sidespin - 6:15

Bhaswar: How do we play against a very heavy sidespin? The one that spins on the right? I generally use the forehand topspin stroke.

Why are the Chinese Better? - 8:15

Brock: How can a Chinese play better at table tennis than a Swedish player? Different tempo or what?

Tomokazu Harimoto - 10:06

Lukas: How old do you think Tomokazu Harimoto was when he started to play table tennis?

Waldner - 12:40

Brock: Does Waldner still live in China or does he live in Sweden now or does he still compete?

52 week Training Plan - 13:13

Matthew: I’ve been training for a month and I’ve learnt the forehand and backhand counterhit, backhand and forehand push, and forehand topspin. I can do around 100 of these. I am thinking about becoming a Premium member and using the 52 week training plan.

Rolling the ball on bat - 16:00

Tom: How do you roll the ball from one side of the bat to the other. In your 'practicing alone' video at 02:05 you start rolling the ball from one side to the other. How do you do this?

Preserving a Lead - 17:46

J-B: Playing against an opponent of similar level. Leading with what statistically looks like a decisive margin, say like 8-5. You think that in this position, it would be a shame to not be able to close it.  You play like your grandmother and blow it.

Playing tournaments - 22:36

Andre: I have been playing table tennis for 4 years and I want to begin to play in tournaments. There's a tournament in 2 months and it's a regional qualifier.  Should I sign up for it or do I still need more time to practise?

Backhand Counterhit Follow Through - 25:08

Bhaswar: When practising the backhand counterhit I don't much follow through but the ball goes really nice? Is it really important now to follow through?

Your Idol - 26:31

Brock: Who was your grown-up idol in table tennis when you were kids?

Improving Quickly - 26:53

Lukas: It's very impressive, Tomokazu proved how good you can get in a couple of years. Do you think that if you practise hard enough, that you can reach that level in just a couple of years?

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