Ask The Coach Show #84 - Attending Your First Tournament

9 years ago

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Brock's Update - 0:45

Did Brock beat the tall guy?

Yesterday's #PQOTD - 1:29

How long can Samsonov stay competitive with the best in the World?

#PQOTD - 3:43

What was the most important thing you learned at your first tournament?

First Tournament - 4:08

Andre: I am going for the tournament and I need help with what equipment I need e.g (kind of) clothing, number of bats and so on. I would like to know everything so I don't embarrass myself in the tournament. Thanks in advance?

Thumb on Backhand - 7:07

Frendy: I want to ask about the thumb on backhand. Some people told me to put my thumb a little bit up on the rubber but some others told me to only put it on the paddle just like the usual grip.

Varying Speed of Topspin - 8:57

Ralph: When I want to vary between a fast loop and slow loop off heavy chop, could explain the two different techniques to achieve those shots.  How open should the blade be? How much should you let the ball drop? how much should the ball reach the wood?

Long Pimples with Sponge - 13:18

Nikola: Hello! I am interested in investing in a new sheet of long pimples. I am wondering what the difference between OX (no sponge) and 1-1.2mm sponge. How will it affect the playstile of the rubber and my arsenal of shots?

Hitting Your Finger - 15:37

Brock:  have a problem, When I am playing in the school I often hit my finger, very often. nearly all balls I get. the players who is worser than me wins. Do you have some tip to help me with that or there isn't a tip to help that?

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