Ask The Coach Show #95 - Dealing with Short Backspin

9 years ago

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PingSkills 100th Show Competition - 1:00

What competition should we run to celebrate our #100 show next Friday?

Yesterday’s #PQOTD - 2:12

What will you be doing for World Table Tennis Day on April 6th?

#PQOTD - 4:23

Who is the best Female player at the moment? Who is favourite for the World Championships?

Do I Need to be Tall? - 4:51

Viktor: A teacher at my school was visiting, and he was HUGE, like a giant. He's like 7'3 tall and around 500 pounds and he tried to play table tennis with us and he played very well. Do tall guys have an advantage in Table tennis?

Sound of Wood - 6:12

Thomas: When dropping a ball on a blade with NO rubber on it is it true that generally a slower blade gives a deeper sound and a faster blade a higher sound? So that the sound gives you an indication of the speed/flexibility of the blade?

High Bounce on Blade - 9:00

Viktor: Which bat am I looking for if I want a bat with great bounce on it?

Push vs Push Spin - 9:43

Romeo: If I serve a short backspin ball, and the opponent pushes it back, does this mean that the backspin I placed on the ball is cancelled out? If that is the case, then will the backspin be heavier if I pushed it long?

Dealing with Short Backspin - 13:04

Johnny: Hello! When my opponent does a short heavy backspin serve I usually push to ball back short with my own heavy spin. I've seen players topspins/loop backspin balls, and I wonder if you can do it against a short backspin serve?

Rubik's Cube - 15:41

Viktor: Are you finished with your cube Alois ;)

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