Ask The Coach Show #97 - Modified Serving Grip

9 years ago

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Win a PingSkills Premium Membership - 0:48

Enter our 100th show competition for a chance to win a yearly PingSkills premium membership

Asian Cup Results - 3:07

Alois talks about some interesting results from the 2015 Asian Cup

Yesterday’s #PQOTD - 5:57

What suggestions do you have to make the Ask the Coach Shows even better?

#PQOTD - 6:10

What is the most important stroke in Table Tennis?

Modified Grip for Serving - 6:29

Andre: When doing your modified grip for serving my bat always seems to slip a tiny bit from my thumb and index finger. Should I keep working on that modified grip or are there others that dont need as much of a force to keep stable?

Changing to Two Winged Looper - 8:40

Eduardo: I’ve found difficult to play against blockers, and players that play very close to the table, because that requires a lot from my footwork, I'm very tired. i wanted to change my style to two-winged looper. If you could help me how.

Topspin Going into the Net - 11:12

Umar: My topspin usually goes directly into the net although I do the follow through correctly.  Can you tell me any reasons for this?  How can I overcome this defect?  It's destroying my game and I give about 5-6 points to the opponent due to this.Help!!!

Counterlooping - 14:22

Michel: When counterlooping, what technique is better? Counterloop with straight topspin or try to angle the bat to add a little sidespin? Which is easier to perform?

Waldner on Tour? - 16:00

Viktor: When is the next Table tennis Tour, do you think Waldner will sign up for it?

Serving to a Penholder - 16:58

Alfredo: What is your go-to serve for a penhold opponent?

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