Show #328 - Table Tennis Diary

3 years ago

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In this show we discuss if it is worthwhile to keep a table tennis diary about all of your opponents just like Mima Ito. If you have a table tennis question then please use the ask the coach section of the website and maybe we'll feature your question in the podcast. Enjoy the latest episode.

Mima Ito Notebook

Dai - When I was watching Match for Mima Ito I saw her reviewing notes in a notebook and I felt that I needed this very much in championships and matches. When I play Match, I don't have focus. What do you advise me to do a notebook and how do I do it and how do I make plans for Match and write it. Is this notebook useful or not?

WTTC: Next Non-Chinese Winner

Jasper - Which non-Chinese player do you think will win the WTTC next?

Block Timing

Toti - Dear Alois, I am wondering about the timing of the block stroke? Should I take the ball early or at the top of the bounce and how does this affect other strokes like the counter-topspin?

Around the Net

Jason - How exactly do you return an around a net. Most players find it difficult. I just don’t know how Waldner did it from Liu Guliaing. How to return it?

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