Show #186 - Experience v Talent

7 years ago

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On This Day - 1:44

There's a mouse in the house.

Last #PQOTD - 2:28

Have you tried Boosting?

#PQOTD - 5:34

Do you think Zhang Jike is finished? Will he play in Rio Olympics?

Technique Tuesday - 5:55

Forehand Topspin Variations

Help with Judging Length - 9:17

Viktor: I have a problem with my loops / FH and BH topspins, everytime my opponents do a short serve I try to topspin the ball automatically so I miss the ball but when it's long I miss the ball or do a lob if I dont have time for a loop but that can be trouble.

Experience v Talent - 13:00

Esteban: Say maybe in a game. Is it possible for one with almost no experience to beat someone with a bit more experience because of talent?

Are Robots Worth It? - 16:20

Jeff: is it worth the money to buy a ping pong robot?

Getting the Timing Right - 19:23

Anish: Please suggest me something to hit all the counter balls on the maximum height with a slightly closed angle and adjust to all types of balls received on my side improving overall timing.

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Forehand Topspin Variations

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