Show #203 - Ma Long's Reverse Backhand Serve

8 years ago

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Throwback Thursday - 1:18

Rules Overview

This Day in History - 3:23

 10th December and Ada Lovelace

Last #PQOTD - 5:43

How can Table Tennis attract more spectators?

#PQOTD - 9:42

What ideas do you have to make PingSkills better?

Playing a Blocker - 10:14

Mike: I play a blocker who plays with smooth rubber and loves to block on wide angles of the table when I open the game up...Thus, he moves me around from one side of the table to the next. After 3-5 balls, I rarely score points. What tactics can I use to win?

Ma Long’s Reverse Backhand Serve - 12:24

Abhinav: I came to hear about a reverse backhand serve. I have never seen or heard about this serve before and was wondering what it is. On YouTube I found a video of Ma Long doing this serve.

How Many Balls for Multiball - 14:59

Benjamin: Me and my training partner want to add multiball to our training. How many balls do we need for it? It's hard to know how many we need to buy.

Whole Table Awareness - 17:12

Adam: I've been mastering topspin. Whenever I start my attack I never let my eyes off the ball. If I attempt to be aware where my opponent is at and lose sight of the ball, my topspin tends to become sloppy and I lose my timing. What should I do?

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Ma Long's Reverse Backhand Serve