Show #206 - Ma Long or Fan Zhendong for Gold

8 years ago

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This Day in History: Dec 16th - 1:01 

Famous Birthdays

Drill of the Week - 2:36

Alois makes pushing exciting with "The Pushing Game"

Last #PQOTD - 6:43

Can Fan Zhendong close the gap on Ma Long by Rio?

Jeff's Rubik's Cube Record - 11:16

Jeff gets a 27.83 average of 5

#PQOTD - 12:53

Who is favourite now for the Women's singles at Rio Olympics?

Spinny Lobs - 13:15

Christian: Today, i encountered lobs which seemed to be spinny. When the ball made contact with my side of the table , it dipped forward or a little to the side. Seems like it had topspin and sidespin. It cost me the rally.

Fast Shots: Flat or With Spin - 15:10

Navya: Hello, I have a query my problem is that when I hit drive I don't spin it I just give it good speed is it effective in a game that I hit a speed drive.

Time Between Points - 18:02

Amekun: I have a question regarding the intervals. After a point has been made, How long is too long before the Umpire calls upon your attention and says "Play"? 10 seconds, 20 seconds? we are currently having a debate about this and we hope you can help.

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