Show #222 - Stopping a Killer Backhand

8 years ago

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On This Day - 1:15

Thomas Edison

Last #PQOTD - 2:10

What are your ideal playing conditions?

#PQOTD - 4:17

What gets you frustrated on the table?

Throwback Thursday - 4:43

Pre-Point Routine

Chinese New Year - 9:07

We missed it the last few shows but Happy Chinese New Year

Hitting a Forehand From Below Table Level - 10:39

Spamm20:What should i do when the ball gets almost under the table?For example if the ball gets really long and low and has some backspin on it, it might get almost under the table.But when i try to hit it up i end up hitting the table or nothing at all? Thanks.

Arm Strength and Power - 12:23

Viktor: My smashes always gives me points, Many players at school have alot of problem blocking my smashes because I have big arms and strong, fast and hard strokes, I am the only one with that type of muscle mass in the room Does arm strength affect smash power?

Training a Left Hander - 14:04

Il: I have one child with left hand .But I am right hand. How I to teach this child to play? Is there any methods with which to make it easier to teach a left handed child? How does the kid imitate me more easily? Only robot training?

Stopping a Killer Backhand - 16:23

Jeffrey: My friend has a really nice and consistent serve and tends to get most winning points off me with his backhand flick/smash on the 3rd or 5th ball. Is there any strategic or technical way I can prevent or counter this?

Flick or Loop - 20:07

Hatem: I like the backhand flick and I am much more comfortable with it than the backhand loop and though I am still practicing it (especially against short and even medium or long serves). can I use it for an all offensive game instead of the loop?

Playing Waldner - 22:13

Viktor: I have heard that Jeff met Waldner years ago, did you have a match against him? How many matches did you lost then Jeff ;)

Legends Tour - 22:41

Viktor: When is Legend Tours scheduled to take place this year? Do you think Waldner will sign up for it?

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