Show #226 - Serving Strategy

8 years ago

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Friday Funnies - 0:47

Request for pilots to be brave

On This Day - 2:04

Some interesting birthdays!

Last #PQOTD - 3:59

Maths or English?

#PQOTD - 7:03

Who is the best Para Table Tennis player?

Backhand Too Much Sidespin - 8:27

Stuart: My backhand topspin is probably my best shot however when I am away from the table maybe one step behind my receive setup and I really try to rip through one, sometimes I get a lot of unwanted side spin . This normally means it goes long.

Serving Strategy - 11:13

Damon: I serve from my backhand side, but they like to stand in the middle, and even slightly on the forehand side. I feel like I should be able to exploit the gap they leave on their backhand side, but they seem to cover it well. Any suggestions?

Difficulty Blocking with Faster Rubber - 14:05

Hatem: I recently changed my rubber to a faster one so that I could play a more offensive game. However now I have a problem blocking my opponents fast top spin . I just can't find the right angle on my racket and the right distance from the table.

Developing My Backhand - 16:58

Yijan: I can spin very good with my forehand but when it gets to the backhand and I can't spin and miss.

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