Show #234 - Snapchat Questions

8 years ago

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Friday Funnies - 1:17

Fear of public speaking

Power of Practice - 2:21

We discuss our progress with the table tapper and spin catcher challenges.

World Table Tennis Teams Championships - 5:30

We are up to the knockout rounds and discuss the latest results and upcoming matches.

Last #PQOTD - 10:05

Name the semifinalists in the Mens Teams at the World Championships.

#PQOTD - 11:24

Does progress happen in a straight line?

This Day in History - 11:50

4th of March was the birthday of the song Happy Birthday to You

The Future of Countries Like the US in International Table Tennis - 13:10

Sebastian via Snapchat: What do you think about countries like the US where Table Tennis isn't very popular? Do you think countries like that have future in the International Table Tennis scene?

Beginner Tips on Serving - 16:17

Max via Snapchat: Just wanting some simple beginner tips for serving or forehand returns. I played with a man 3rd in the state today and he devastated me. As a table tennis club captain and founder I must learn to up my game. I would love any simple tips.

Favourite Players to Watch - 19:33

Harvey via Snapchat: Who is your favourite player to watch?

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