Show #236 - Secrets to Early Success

8 years ago

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Power of Practice - 0:52

We discuss the #PowerOfPractice  challenge

This Day in History - 3:50

Timo Boll and Kalinikos Kreanga were born

Last #PQOTD - 5:06

What was the outstanding permanence at the World Teams Championships?

#PQOTD - 9:32

What is the best rubber around at the moment?

Technique Tuesday - 9:55

Receiving Serve footwork

Wrist Strength - 14:07

Ilia: What is the best way to train my wrist muscles so I can increase the power of my sidespin-topspin flick?

Beating a Blocker - 15:42

Viktor: Do you know how to beat a talented player who blocks all the balls I do? His block are really annoying and I lose every time , I don't get many points at all. He also has a lot of speed, power and spin on his strokes, His sidespin flick is very good, help!

Ma Long is the King of Table Tennis - 17:34

Viktor: I've been watching some highlights from the World Championships, I am so shocked how fast the rallies are and the players impress me but who can actually stop Ma Long? He's too strong at the moment, all his matches ends with 3-0. He is the king of TT, agree?

Fast Rise of Young Superstars - 19:15

Jaydev: I was thinking about how could it be possible for Mima Ito or Fan Zhendong to achieve the maximum at the very small age? In our sport, it requires years of hard work and practice to reach the elite level. Where, these two have made history early.

Counterhit to Topspin - 22:18

Shovik: When I am practicing counterhit, I tend to make a finer contact like the topspin, instead of driving the ball. I am not sure as to how a counter hit stroke is different from a Topspin stroke.

Contact Points for Different Strokes - 23:53

Jahangir: There are various shots in the table tennis (there are topspin,backspin,chop,block & counter),I want to know what is the appropriate contact point of the ball that make consistent deliver in every execution.

How Much Do Pro Players Squat? - 26:22

Viktor: How much does pro tt players deadlift and squat? I know they aren't powerlifters but how much do you think they lift? I think about 400 pounds. how much do you lift guys? ;)

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