Show #281 - Don't Move During a Rally

7 years ago

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In today's show we'll talk about whether you should change your bat depending on your opponent, discuss how many faults are acceptable during a match, playing against a sibling, space needed for a table, and how to prepare for a tournament. We'll also have the tip of the week and drill of the week, tournament wrap and everyone's favourite segment, on this day.

On This Day - 1:05

International Women's Day

Jian Fang Lay, Kalinikos Kreanga, Timo Boll, and Steve Dainton's Birthdays

Tip of the Week - 8:30

Andrew Clark - Fitness Coach Sydney FC

"The best thing we can do is listen, listen to what they feel helps them best and then as the relationship grows we begin to see ways we can improve a player. For a player like Filip [Holosko], in some areas we may need to back-off a bit and then increase other training he does. Then it's just a case of making small adjustments," 

Drill of the Week - 11:30

Play a game where you aren’t allowed to move your feet during a rally.  See what lessons you can learn...

Tournament Wrap - 13:16

ITTF World Tour

Changing Racket Depending on Opponent - 18:18

Phil:  Does anyone change their bat depending on the opponent, or is it a bad idea because you have to learn different styles of play?

Are Faults Acceptable - 20:56

Steve:  In tennis, a small number of double faults is acceptable and a player who rarely double faults is probably not being aggressive enough with power or placement.  I am wondering if there is any parallel thinking in table tennis?  If so, should I push my serve to the point where I miss occasionally, or should the server be more conservative since to miss is loss a point?

Playing a Sibling - 23:01

Michael: This coming weekend is the NYC individuals championships, and I'm coming in as the no.7 seed, and my brother is coming in at the no.4 seed.  This means that we are slated to play each other in the quarterfinals, but I can't find it in myself to play him, since either way, it hurts one of us, are there any methods to getting over this mindset.

Space for a Table - 26:28

Daniele: In the place where I work, we are talking about freeing a room for use in our spare time, and we are discussing the possibility of installing a table tennis table. how much room is really needed

1) What do the official rules say? How much space is needed to play an official tournament match?

2) Forgetting about the official rules, how much space do you think it is needed for two good players to play a serious match?

3) If I am willing to sacrifice the lobbing game, but I still wish to play decently at a short and mid-distance from the table, how much space do I need?

Preparing for a Tournament - 29:45

Dima: Tomorrow I have a tournament and I wonder what and how table tennis players do to keep their good work. When should you come and what to eat for breakfast. How should I warm up? These questions and what to prepare for.

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