Show #329 - Hum while holding your nose

3 years ago

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Today we answer some great table tennis questions, talk about the basic stance and receiving position, and try to hum while holding our nose. Enjoy the show!

Top Level Long Pips/Anti Blocker

Tim - Do you think it's possible that there will be a high level chop blocker with long pips or anti spin rubber and short pips on the other side? If so, what should his main game plan be?

Side Change

Shaurya - I was wondering what to do if my opponent forces me onto his side in the middle of a rally, I have seen it been done before. Is it a fault if someone goes on the other side? Or do we keep playing, and if so what should I do if we keep playing?

Attacking Chopping

Jason - What exactly is an attacking chopper? There’s a defensive chopper and I know what that is, but I do not know what a attacking chopper is. My cousin is constantly back hand chopping but also attacking what is he?

Adding sidespin to short pushes

Jasper - Hey Alois is it good if I add sidespin on the short push? I heard it's easier to control the ball to be short and a bit harder for the opponent to control the sidespin and then more likely that the opponents push will come long.

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