Show #338 - Balancing Direct Instruction and Playing

3 years ago

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In this podcast we discuss how to get the balance right between simply playing and constantly receiving direct information on how to get better. I feel that it might be better for a coach to say less and let the player learn through experience.

Cleaning Funny Rubbers

Jasper - I'm thinking of experimenting with short pimple rubber soon, how do you clean short pimple rubber? It's quite pointy so I'm not sure. And is cleaning short pimple rubber the same for the other pimple rubbers?

How Do Timeouts Work

Michael - When I play at home, I sometimes get a little tired. Is there such thing as time outs? If there is, how does it work?

Beginner Coaching

Jason - My friend is coming over tomorrow to learn how to play table tennis. I have no clue on how to teach a complete beginner on table tennis. Do you have any advice for how to teach a beginner?

Improve My Forehand Topspin

Z - Please can you teach me how to improve my forehand topspin? I'm really tired of missing my shots.

Improving On Spinny Topspin

Thomas - So, I just found out a major reason for my lousy play-I was crowding the table during a rally. No wonder I couldn't hit topspin. Moving back, my game improved some, but the top isĀ  still too rudimentary. My forehand topspin is mostly spinny and slow, and backhand is worse. I like to hold the bat loosely with the index not parallel with the base of the bat but at a slight angle and I tighten the grip at contact. Do you think it's necessary to change to a traditional grip that isn't comfortable but probably will lead to more consistency, and what mental or physical changes do you think I need to go for my topspinĀ  more so it becomes a weapon? I am trying to incorporate more body weight but it's clear I'm playing it safe and mostly arming it. Thanks.

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