Show #352 - Play Different Players

3 years ago

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In this episode we discuss the benefits of playing against a wide range of styles to help improve your table tennis. We also tell a few jokes, answer your questions, run the who am I competition, and read out some OMG facts!

Having Table Tennis After School

Jasper - I was wondering does long hours of school sort of affect how you play table tennis? On Tuesday, school timing is around 8am to 3pm and then I have table tennis sessions in school from 3pm to 6:30pm. I noticed I normally miss a lot, I tend to rush my shots, I lose more points, I get frustrated very easily and I tried a lot of things to fix it but nothing works. On Friday, school timing is around 8 to 12:30am. And my training starts from 1pm to 3pm and I noticed that I would always do better on Fridays compared with Tuesdays. Most of my shots go in, I win much more points than usual, I am very calm, I get the timing of my shots right. On Sundays, I don't have school so I start training at 10:30 to 1:30. And this is where my shots are most consistent. Very clear mind, very relaxed and my highest quality table tennis.

Topspin Serves

Ryan - What is the best way to return a top-spin serve against your opponent?

Playing When the Ball is on Elbow

Ryan - How to play against a fast backspin, similar to Chop Smash, comes at your elbow? I have been a lot of point as it cannot be pushed neither can be looped. Any solution?

Is blocking a Bad Shot

Ryan - Recently at our club, our coach was criticizing that Block in a Rally is really bad because it gives a no spin ball which the opponent can accelerate. But, when the ball is fast, blocking with precision had won points for me. As you said, keeping a track of the ball and changing your wrist can be lethal to give an upper hand in the rally if the opponent hits hard. So, I guess it is good but with precision.

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