Show #363 - Year of the Tiger

2 years ago

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The Chinese New Year was on the 1st of February. Jeff was born in the year of the tiger and Alois in the year of the dragon. We discuss lots of topics including what you can learn from the recent Australian Open tennis tournament. We of course answer your table tennis questions just as the name of the show suggests. Make sure to visit our website if you have a table tennis question of your own to ask.



Running Training 

When training table tennis, do we need to do some running for stamina as a complementary training? For the case when we can only play table tennis twice a week, what kind of running would be suitable? How about for competitive players, do they usually do running as training also?


What To Do In An Injury Situation

What should you do if you suffer an injury Mid-match? Or what should you do if your opponent is the one getting injured?


Table Friction Standard

Is there any measurable standard for friction/grip of the table surface? At club level I see a fair bit of difference from table to table (venue to venue) that impacts spin effect off the table (degree of kick). I just wonder if there is any "rule" for standardisation or not.


FH Loop

Is it OK or sound technique to engage a bit of shoulder moving forward (letting elbow & wrist relax & hang, going for a ride like a door off of hinge) as I switch weight from right foot to left?



Who Am I Episode 8

Advanced Forehand Topspin