Show #364 - Best Match You've Seen

1 year ago

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In today’s episode Alois tells us about the best match he has ever seen. Jeff tells 3 funny jokes that he heard on the radio and we give you our tip of the week. Of course we also answer your table tennis questions as the name of the show suggests!


Backhand Sidespin Loop 

How do you do a backhand sidespin loop?


Head Heavy Rackets 

Are head-heavy, handle-heavy, or balanced bats better for any specific playing styles, or is it just purely a matter of preference?


Serving Low

How do I serve low and close to the net?


What About A Dry Run

Because of Corona there's no training possible in my area for the time being. So I wonder if a dry run at home could be helpful just to maintain the feeling for the ball and the stroke movement. So anything one could do with a ball and a bat. Thanks.


Best Match

Hi pingskills, what is the best match at the top level you have watched? My favourite match to watch is Ma Long vs Joo Sae Hyuk in the 2014 asian games. I love watching attacker vs defender kind of matches in general because of the intense long rallies that won't break down too quickly unlike attack vs attack rallies. 


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