Show #367 - Meat Pies and Tomato Sauce

10 months ago

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Welcome to another ask the coach show where we answer your table tennis questions. If you have a table tennis question then head over the PingSkills website and ask away. We love talking about table tennis. I hope you enjoy this week’s show.


Serve Selection 

How to select the serve to use in different situations ? When do we use long serve? When do we use backhand serve? Which serve should should be use at 9-10 ?


Rubber Thickness

I noticed that when I was playing with (two different) 2 mm thick rubbers on FH side, almost all my topspins was landing to the table. And with maximum thick rubbers, I have some troubles. When I do FH topspins, several FH topspins in a set flies off the table.  Is it coincidence? With thinner rubbers is it easier to do FH topspins? Or depends on many other things: blade, opponents' strokes, position during the stroke (technique), etc ?


Sleeping Well The Night Before A Contest

Hi Alois, I have this problem where I struggle to sleep well the night before a league or tournament because I am too excited and tend to overthink about the matches. I always end up not playing at my usual level during the contest. This has happened to me 2 times already and I hope that it doesn't happen again in the future. How do you calm down in the night before a tournament or league?


Video Analysis 

I recorded two matches of my local RR matches (approx 20 mins each) uplinked to youTube channels. I am looking for feedback to what I am already doing well & areas for improvements, tendencies, serves & returns. What are your thoughts & fees?


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