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Duncan McLean

Duncan McLean Asked 11 years ago

I am thinking of making my own blade with my grandpa in the near future, as he loves woodworking and I thought it'd be good bonding. But I'd like to know if there what the general upsides/downsides of singly ply vs multiple ply are, and also which sort of wood that may be acceptable to use to make it playable, as I'd actually like to use it. I'd like the blade to have just above average speed, but not a rocket. Do you know anything about this? 

I've heard hinoki is good, but I dont know where to source it.

Also I was hoping to join as a premium member, but I dont know if I'd have enough time to keep up with the lessons and make the most of it, and also if I have enough facilities. How much time would be recommended a week to keep up with practising, considering I am currently able to get about 60% forehand on, so beginner level, but I believe I am a quick learner?

Kind Regards


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 11 years ago

Hi Duncan,

That sounds like a good project.

The multi ply tend to be a bit stronger and faster, depending onthe wood.  I am not sure about woods but some of our readers will have a better knowledge and be able to help.

If you do want to join as a Premium member and try it out remember it is free for 7 days and you can cancel at any time if you are feeling that you are not able to spend the time. 

As far as amount of practice time I always say, do as much as you can do and still maintain your interest. 

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