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Daniel Schaub

Daniel Schaub Asked 11 years ago

I use the Butterfly Maze T-Tec OFF Bat.

The one Question: Is a Tenergy 64 for FH , and a Tenergy 05 FX for BH a good choice for me? I'm play like 1 and a half year Table Tennis. I play Championship and others. 

Another Question: Is the Bat Butterfly Maze T-Tec OFF and the Rubber Sriver G3 and Sriver G3 FX a better choice for me?


greez ButterflyLove

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 11 years ago

Hi Daniel,

All the rubbers you have mentioned are great rubbers.

It will depend on how you feel with each of them.  You have to make sure that the rubbers aren't too fast for you.  You will need to have really good control if you are using the Tenergy 05 FX.  I would tend to use the 05 on the FH and the 64 on the BH if anything.

We tend to recommend Yasaka Mark V for good control, then Yasaka Pryde for more speed and Xiom Vega Pro for more speed.  We also recommend the PingSkills Touch Table Tennis Blade.

Others may have some opinions. 

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Thomas McCann

Thomas McCann Posted 11 years ago

I would say because of the short amount of time you have been playing that tenergy is too fast. I play with scriver and the michael maze bat mentioned is very good as well. What are you currently using

Daniel Schaub

Daniel Schaub Posted 11 years ago

Ok, now i have the Sriver G3 FH and the Sriver G3 FX on the BH.

This a very good combination. You have Spin and Speed + Good Control.

 A good Choice.

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