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Andy Chen

Andy Chen Asked 2 years ago

Hi coach, 

At the professional level, why aren't there many 2-sided penhold players winning major tournaments i.e. world cup, olympics ... ?

Are there any inherent deficiencies to playing with a 2-sided penhold style?


sacramento, ca

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 2 years ago

Hi Andy,

I think now it is a little more difficult to play with the Penhold grip than the Shakehand however with the use of the Reverse Penhold Backhand I think it has evened things up a little.  I think it is still more difficult to play a backhand with the Penhold which is the main limiting factor.

You can still reach a very high level playing with the Penhold grip.  It allows you greater flexibility with the wrist on your serves and forehand side in general.

We also quote Xu Xin as the standout player with the Penhold grip that still has good results howevrer the balance is still with the Shakehand players.

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