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Grenville Pereira

Grenville Pereira Asked 8 years ago

Hi Alois/ Jeff

With the new poly ball I have some difficulty in adapting to it 

On the serve as I feel I am not able to put much spin into it, it takes away one of my strengths i.e to vary the serve with heavy backspin and less spin. So all spins look the same and the opponent is able to pick.

The next is that I feel that the ball is not coming to me the way I like it, it feels a bit slower and lighter . As a result I feel that my timing is affected and also I am not able to make too quick counter topspins and lifting the heavy topspin of backspin, the way I used to do with the previous ball.

Just wanted to ask , is it just that I am thinking about the ball too much which is affecting my game or how should one adapt his or her game to this ball?

Are you planning a video to show the comparison .




Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 8 years ago

Hi Grenville,

I agree with all of your observations.

I feel now it is just a matter of trying to forget the old ball and focus on getting used to the flight of the new ball.  It is something that you will be able to cope with by just watching the ball and allowing yourself to react to it’s flight.

We did a show a while back on the differences we saw but may try to make a new one in a while when the ball settles down a little.

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