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Anthony M

Anthony M Asked 11 years ago

Adidas have currently released some table tennis which I believe is actually manufactured by Andro.

Do you know anything about these rubbers and bats? Are they good quality? Do you know anywhere in Australia where you may be able to buy them and also what is a good size rubber to put on a blade?

Have your tried this stuff yet?


Jeff Plumb

Jeff Plumb Answered 11 years ago

Hi Anthony,

I don't know much about the Adidas equipment and haven't tried any of it myself. I do know that Aussie Table Tennis have started selling the Adidas equipment.

Have you heard any reports about it? 

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Anthony M

Anthony M Posted 11 years ago

I read on this forum About the adidas r6: Review of Adidas Rubber P3

First impression whilst doing keepy uppies with a ball, it felt springy with a nice click sound to it like a speed glue effect. I stuck it onto an Andro carbon light blade.
A sound like mild speed glue addition after every counter hit, but it really gets into gear when looping. The feel and power is much like the old Bryce with speed glue, and the spin is up there with the Tenergy Series. I found the rubber very forgiving, with loops dipping down on to the table unexpectedly when they would normally fly off with Joola Express probably due to the longer dwell time.
It\'s certainly not as controllable as Joola Express for middle game touch shots and serves, but the speed, spin and ability to counter loop both away from the table and off the bounce makes up for it. With time and practice, the touch would improve. 
I would rate R6 as a similar, if not better rubber to Tenergy 64.  "
I also read on here. Its excellent, if you like tenergy but disliked the high throw and the long slinging effect, you will love this rubber. Good spin on serves and very consistent with all strokes. I like this rubber very much. "  
Im concidering buying the P3 Rubbers and the C500 Offensive + Blade.
If I decide to buy them in the end Ill be sure to tell you what there like!

Anthony M

Anthony M Posted 11 years ago

The 2nd rating that I wrote above is for the P3 Rubbers not the R6

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