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Nirakar Sapkota

Nirakar Sapkota Asked 10 years ago

hye,I am Nirakar from Nepal

I started playing table tennis since 1 year ago.I was a good smasher previously(before 3 months).After my racquest lost,I bought a racquet having more spin then the previously.Bt now,with this racquet,My loop kill often goes out and sometimes hits the net.So can u plzz explain me wat am I doing wrong???

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 10 years ago

Hi Nirakar,

You may just need to allow yourself to adjust to the new racket.  It may be a bit faster so you will need to adjust the angle of your racket slightly.  If the ball keep going long, face the racket a little lower and if it is going into the net open the face up a little.

You may also need to think about making sure you are getting good spin on the ball so that the topspin will allow the ball to dip onto the table. 

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