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Viet Dang Xuan

Viet Dang Xuan Asked 8 years ago

Hi PingSkills,

I am now able to play forehand strokes really well (such as topspin, drive, counterhit, block...). I know that these strokes in backhand are nearly the same of angles, but somehow I am really weak at backhand. For example, I can block hundreds of shots at forehand side but when it comes to the backhand, the ball after I block will surely goes to the net or flies off the table. Another example, I can loop a lot of balls with my forehand but my backhand always fly far away from the table. I think all of this are because of the angle of the racket. I tried to adjust them but some how I can't. The only shot I seem to be able to do in my backhand area is the chop. And quite hilarious, I am weak at my forehand chop (they often goes too high and my opponent can easily smash). Can you help me with these two problems?

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 8 years ago

Hi Viet,

It will be firstly technique and then confidence in the technique.

Try to video yourself playing and then watch it back to see if it looks like the techniques we show you for these strokes.

Once you feel you have the correct technique then play it as smoothly and freely as you can and trust in it.

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