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Urvang Joshi

Urvang Joshi Asked 9 years ago

Hi Alois & Jeff,

I am a near-the-table attacking player, playing more aggressive on my forehand. For the last 3-4 years, I've been using Jonyer-H blade (OFF) and Mark-V rubbers on both sides. Now, both my blade and rubbers need replacing due to wear-and-tear and some broken wood at sides.

But, it seems that Butterfly has stopped making Jonyer blades. What blade would be a good alternate to Jonyer considering my style of play?

Also, I'm thinking of going for a faster and more spinny rubber on my forehand side. Which one would you recommend?

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 9 years ago

Hi Urvang,

If the blade you could replace it with another blade with a similar rating from Butterfly. Take a look through their range or one of our readers with a good knowledge of their blades may be able to help.

As far as a rubber I would go for the Yasaka Pryde as the next step up.

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Debo :

Debo : Posted 9 years ago

I can suggest 2 very good alternative (even better) of Jonyer-H :-

1. Adidas C100 

2. Tibhar Samsonov Premium Contact

Both all wood blade.

Urvang Joshi

Urvang Joshi Posted 9 years ago

@Alois: Thanks for the suggestion! I'll  surely be considering Yasaka Pryde. Thinking whether to go for that or Butterfly Bryce.

@Debo: Interesting. Haven't heard about these blades, but will have a look.

Any suggestions among Butterfly blades? (I somehow love the grip in butterfly blades). A slightly faster blade/carbon blade is also fine.

Debo :

Debo : Posted 9 years ago

Butterfly blades are nowadays become very expensive.  The grip of both the blades I mentioned, you will love, much better than JH.  

However, if you go for Carbon Blades, you can try the below 2 :-

1. Tibhar Marcos Freitas 

2. Adidas C500

Rubber - Adidas P5 (FH), Donic Coppa JO Gold (BH), good choice.

ujjval verma

ujjval verma Posted 9 years ago

Try Donic blades within budgets. These a real good !

Joseph Ma

Joseph Ma Posted 9 years ago

get thcolor bel speed baby butterfly. It's very good for topspin and attack. Rubber should be a Xiom Omega pro

Joseph Ma

Joseph Ma Posted 9 years ago

The korbel speed. My auto correction did that

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