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jagdish ram

jagdish ram Asked 9 years ago

I know that with regular rubber one can generate your own spin so it makes sense that when there is not much spin on the ball, chopping with regular rubber will be more spiny than with long pimples rubber. Someone told me that for a topspin ball, chopping with regular rubber will also generate more backspin than when using long pimples rubber. This doesn't make sense to me because the tendency for a long pimples rubber is to reverse the spin on the topspin resulting in a lot of backspin. When doing this with regular rubber though, I would guess that the tendency is for it to come back as topspin. When chopping with this regular rubber, I am not sure the amount of backspin on it. 

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 9 years ago

Hi Jagdish,

With the normal rubber you can generate a lot of spin.  When they talk about Long Pimples 'Reversing' the spin it actually keeps the ball rotating in the same direction.  So with normal rubber you can chop the ball and get it moving even faster in the same direction therefore generating more spin.

It is a little harder to control the ball with the normal rubber because the ball doesn't stay on the bat for as long but there is the possibility to generate a lot fo spin when chopping a ball with normal rubber.

Take a look at this previous blog on playing long pimples but take particular note of the link to an article on that will show you graphically what is happening with the spin on the ball with long pimples.

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andrew brand

andrew brand Posted 9 years ago

ive just read that article and its by far the most revealing information on long pips ive ever seen. there is much more to understand than just reversal of the spin and i have to say thank you for sharing this. its going in my list of favourite websites to revise again and again.

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