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Peter Seago

Peter Seago Asked 7 years ago


Thanks for the videos. I've watched the returning serve clips (although watching a left hander returning leaves me struggling to imagine my own returns). And they are useful (especially the pencil concept).

Can you give some quick rule of thumb for which side spin to put back where?

Something like, 'if the server comes inside the ball you angle your bat away' or 'if he goes away from his body, you angle towards him' (and is that the right way round?)

I find fast spinny serves don't leave me enough time to think before I've got it wrong.

Back to the pencil concept: am I right in thinking that although the bat is now angled to counteract the spin, you just play a foward stroke, not following the angle of the face of your bat?

Hope that's clear enough.


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 7 years ago

Hi Pete,

Try to think of it as hit the ball to where he started his bat.  That might help more.

Regarding the pencil, you are right.  Push your bat forward with it at the correct angle.

Hope this clears it up more.

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