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Rashad Almilad

Rashad Almilad Asked 9 years ago

I'm an intermediate ping pong player. I played in several tournaments and i face the same problem every time.

the thing is , the other player says something to annoy me ,or make faces, or keep telling me that i'll loose the game. and this could be really annoying an it happened once when i was playing in the final match and i lost my focus.

My question is :  Can i stop and ask the umpire to give the opponent a warning or a yellow card ?
and what if the umpire is not really familiar with the rules ?

my other question is : 

can i stop a point to complain about an illegal serve or that i was not ready to receive one ?
provided that i didn't attempt to return the serve.


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 9 years ago

Hi Rashad,

Firstly the umpire should deal with the others that are annoying you.  If he doesn't you should talk to the referee or tournament organisers.

You should not stop a point to complain about a serve.  You can after the point ask the umpire to check the other players serve.  It is up to the umpire to make a call.  If you stop the point they can award the point against you.

If you are not ready to receive you should walk away from the table until you are ready.  Play should be continuous so you should try to keep playing but if there is something genuine that forces you to be delayed in getting ready you should make sure the other player and umpire are well aware of it.

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