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Dakota Castleberg

Dakota Castleberg Asked 5 years ago

I would be led to think that it isn't physical attributes that allow someone to rise above the average club player, but instead go in the psychological direction.

What psychological attributes do you think allowed you to rise above other players, players who had equal or more time spent on the table than you did?

I'm curious what both you and Jeff would say were your mental attributes that allowed you to get to the level of play that you achieved. Or do you think the physical aspect has the larger role?

Although I am still not the best player in my club, I don't see any reason why my perseverance and self-discipline matched with 10 hours at the table a week wouldn't allow me to be the best. And that's just the next step. Are people's own psyche's the self-limiting factor on how far you can go?

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 5 years ago

Hi Dakota,

I think it is a makeup of both physical and mental.  The mental really does separate the top player though.

I don’t think I was very strong mentally but trained a lot physically and was able to stay ahead of other with this.  I guess the mental ability to train consistently and persevere is also a factor.

I think not having a strong mental ability in matches is a limiting factor in reaching the very top of wherever you want to go.

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