Backhand sidespin/banana flick utilization

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Last updated 6 years ago

Jim PingPalHal

Jim PingPalHal Asked 6 years ago

What's the scenario where this is most useful. I've gathered that it's to replace a forehand push on a short backspin serve. 

I'm trying to kinda figure out how to practice it with my robot, but is the point of the sidespin to help "lift" the backspin on the short return? I feel like I can use this move when the ball has nospin or short top spin, but it's still difficult to lift it on the short backspin.

Is it just a case of more practice, or should I not be trying to really use this on short backspin serve return.

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 6 years ago

Hi Jim,

You can use it on the short backspin serve.  The idea is that you are brushing the side of the ball where there isn't as much backspin force on the ball.  The key therefore is to hit the ball at the side. If you are hitting it behind the ball the backspin will have effect.

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