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Felipe Osorio

Felipe Osorio Asked 11 years ago

Hey PingSkills,

I rarely see top players attempt to attack high balls with fast backspin, presumably because the backspin slows down the ball. Smashes generally have a lot of speed and a little topspin because of the relatively flat contact with the paddle. However, from personal experience I know that a smash-type hit performed with some underspin can be effective in competitive play as a switch-up shot to against a powerful defensive player (read experienced lobber) - especially if I can deceive him into thinking I will smash regularly again. However, it is quite difficult to perform reliably without the ball floating off the end or going into the net. Do you have any tips about this obscure stroke and pertinent strategy?

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 11 years ago

Hi Felipe,

The chop smash isn't used very much because of the risk associated with it.  When you have the player back you are in a 90% position.  Doing a chop smash will definitely win the point if it lands but I think it is less than a 90% shot.

It is better to keep smashing flat or with a bit of topspin and win the point on that shot or in a couple of strokes. 

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