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Nam Nguyen

Nam Nguyen Asked 8 years ago

Hi Alois and Jeff,

Currently I am using DHS 3 Star Orange (and sometimes white) balls to play and practice. The ball played quite well, but yesterday when my friend and I was practicing smashes, the ball broke after only 20 minutes of the session. I think these DHS balls are good when playing normally but it can't handle so many hard hits. Can you tell me what is the best brand that produce balls at the moment?

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 8 years ago

Hi Nam,

DHS is a good ball.  You may have just got a bad one.

I think Nittaku balls are the best of all of them.  Don’t forget though that soon we will be changing to Plastic balls.  Take a look at our PingPod #35 – The New Plastic Ball Verdict.

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Jean Balthazar

Jean Balthazar Posted 8 years ago

Also be aware that 3* Nittaku balls come in two "quality levels" : China or Japan. The Japan type is a little bit more expensive, and I was told the difference between the two are tighter specifications for the Japan one (i.e. the Japan balls are sorted out from the ball batches and the rest becomes China quality, which is probably good enough).


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